CA Priest Assistants
proposals from the Secreatriat


Dear friends,  
the Year of the Priesthood is coming to an end. In view of this, we are sending you some proposals which came up during the Secretariat Meeting held in Krakow on the 10th May.
We hope to have a good response from you and that this will be an opportunity for you to use your creativity.

  1. Write a letter to all priests as a sign of affection and esteem and as a promise of readiness to collaborate and to be corresponsible with them in the carrying out of the Church's mission. This letter will be presented to CA Priest Assistants who work at diocesan and parish level as the case may be.
  2. Prepare a basic text on the Priest Assistant in CA: the Secretariat commits itself to prepare a draft to be circulated to all
  3. BUT to prepare this draft we are asking you to send us any material regarding priest assistants which you might already have as an Association. We ask Priest Assistants to let us have their reflections and experiences. These will help us to present a basic text wherein we can  share past vital experiences which could also be guidelines for those who are new to this mission.
  4. We will be opening a section on the website which will be dedicated to Assistants. In this section you will be able to give information about any initiatives you take.
  5. We look forward to receiving your suggestions and recommendations
Roma, 3 de Junio de 2010 - Rome, 3rd June 2010

Con con muchos saludos, con molti cordiali saluti,
Emilio Inzaurraga  + Domenico Sigalini
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Rome, 10th June 2010
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Saturday 1 May 2010
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