Research on the history of CA

During the last Secretariat Meeting, held in Rome from the 12th to the 14th October 2008, the Secretariat decided to launch a project on the history on Catholic Action at national level.

One of the objectives is to build up the history of catholic Action in the different national contexts from its origin right up to the Second Vatican Council. The findings of this research will be presented during a study meeting.

To attain this aim, it is important to have some information from the grass roots so as to be able to draft a questionnaire which could lead to the development of this project.

The following information about each Catholic Action Association would be of the utmost help:

  • foundation date
  • historical development of the association in short - if the Association stopped functioning for some time and then re-established, any modifications in its statute regarding the its re-organisation are to be given
  • names of its founders
  • circumstances which led to the setting up of the association
  • a short report about the state of the archives (whether these exist, where they are kept and whether they are kept updated)

Other information:

  • whether any studies about the history of Catholic Action in the particular national context have ever been carried out
  • whether there are any scholars (lecturers, young researchers, or students who might be interested to carry out this research)

The above information is to reach the Secretariat

We rely on everybody's cooperation.

Prepared by Paolo Trionfini - National Vice President of the ICA Adult Sector and Director of the Paul VI Institute for the History of Catholic Action and of the catholic movement in Italy.