The vocation and mission of the lay faithfulin the Church and in society

Course Pontifical Gregorian University – Rome (Piazza della Pilotta 4)


International Forum of Catholic Action (IFCA)
Italian Catholic Action (ICA)
In collaboration with the CLC (Christian Life Community)

Under the Patronage of the Pontifical Lay Council (PLC)

Course KP 0036  (A series of conferences by visiting lectureres)
Academic Year 2008-2009 - Second semester

“At the conclusion of this post-synodal document I once again put forward the invitation of "the householder", proposed in the gospel: You too go into my vineyard. It can be said that the significance of the Synod on the vocation and mission of the lay faithful might very well consist in this call of the Lord which he addresses to everyone, yet, in a particular way to the lay faithful, both women and women. […] Therefore I make a strong appeal to one and all, Pastors and faithful, never to become tired of maintaining - indeed always taking an active part to fix deeply in one's mind, heart and life-an ecclesial consciousness, which is ever mindful of what it means to be members of the Church of Jesus Christ, participants in her mystery of communion and in her dynamism in mission and the apostolate”. (Christifideles Laici 64)

Course Content
The course aims to address the question of the laity within the Church and to look at the actual situation on the occasion of the 20th anniversary from the publication of the Apostolic Exhortation Christifideles Laici

To stimulate awareness, debate, exchange of ideas and deeper study on the subject of the laity.

Target audience
- PGU students and students from other Pontifical Roman Universities
- Catholic Action lay leaders and priest-assistants
- CLC members
- Members of Associations and Movements
- Interested priests and lay people

NB = One may register as a Guest Student at the Pontifical Gregorian University Secretariat even for this course only. As such, one may even attend the lectures meant for registered students.
The lectures will be in Italian and will be open to the public. There will be time for questions and for discussion.
If there have to be any changes in the time-table, these will be announced well beforehand.
Some lectures are intended for registered students only and will treat the subject in depth. The final examination will consist of a presentation of an assignment on a theme chosen by the candidates. Assessment will be based on attendance and on the candidate’s active participation and contribution during the sessions.
The Bibliography will be given out during the course.

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In collaboration with CLC
Under the patronage of the Pontifical Lay Council