International Day of Prayer for Peace in the Holy Land

31 January 2010

BENEDETTO XVI: Preghiera per la Terra Santa
Angelus 31.01.2010

Oggi si celebra anche la seconda Giornata di Intercessione per la Pace in Terra Santa. In comunione con il Patriarca Latino di Gerusalemme e il Custode di Terrasanta, mi unisco spiritualmente alla preghiera di tanti cristiani di ogni parte del mondo, mentre saluto di cuore quanti sono qui convenuti per tale circostanza.

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Comunicato stampa delle Associazioni che hanno promosso l'iniziativa

Dear friends,
We would like to bring to your attention the 2nd International Day of Prayer for the Holy Land. This was established last year on the initiative of some Catholic Organisms and Associations.
As young members of the International Forum of CA and of diocesan groups in your country, we are inviting you to join in prayer all the young people in different localities in the 5 continents.

TO ORGANIZERS of the 2nd International Day of Prayer for the Holy Land – 31 January 2010

Dear friends,
As a sign of love and of commitment towards the Holy Land, on the 2nd International Day of Prayer for the Holy Land, we are inviting Catholic Action youth to be part of this initiative.
* As we are united in prayer on the 31st January, among your intentions, we ask you to include  a special prayer for the Church in the Middle East and in the Holy Land as it is preparing for the special Assembly of Bishops which will be held next October (10-24.10.2010). The Assembly’s theme will be: “The Catholic Church in the Middle East: communion and witnessing «The community of believers was of one heart and mind» (Acts 4, 32)”

 LINEAMENTA in No. 79 says: “It is important that we remember the place which God should occupy in our civil and personal lives and that we should intensify our efforts in becoming men of prayer and witnesses of the Holy Spirit which sustains and unites us.”
We, too, should ask our Lord to help us be young people of prayer and peace.
* We will be announcing the 2nd International Day of Prayer to all CA Youth on the IFCA website so that they may all get together in their respective cities and groups.  
We hope that this initiative will bring together so many young people, all over the world and in the Holy Land, in prayer.   
Chiara Finocchietti

Responsible for the Youth Coordination Group of the International Forum of Catholic Action (IFCA).

National Vice President for the Youth Sector of the Italian Catholic Action (ICA)