50 words of EVCII to share
Coordinamento giovani - Youth Coordination


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1000 young CA members from all over the world (at least 1000!)
On the 50th anniversary of VECII indicate 50 words from VECII which are particularly significant. For each word a phrase to reaffirm our love for the Council's beautiful Church in the year of faith.

We would like to ask national and parish leaders to circulate this proposal through the means of communication at their disposal.

From the words we receive, we will choose 50 which are quoted by the largest number of participants. These will be published in a booklet so that they can be shared within our Christian communities and with all those who are interested.

You may send one or more phrases directly on face-book

or on this email address: catholicactionforum@gmail.com

ATTACHED: we have chosen 50 words
AS AN EXAMPLE the first 16 phrases from the words - titls of the 16 Conciliar Documents.

You can search for the words and the phrases by reading the Conciliar Documents which are ON LINE in many languages >>

Within 30 November 2012

Many thanks for your wishes to the Council's beautiful Church. We can continue...

11 October 1962/20012 - 8 December 1965/2015
A closer look stage by stage at VCII

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An invitation to rediscover the years of VCII

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