CA YOUTH in the Holy Land and in Italy
June-August 2009


A. participation in the CHILDREN'S SUMMER in the Bethlehem Catholic Action Centre from the
21st June - 31st July

Raluca Fernea Gabriel Codrut Morariu CA youth from Cluj - Romania
Gabriele Pinca and Alessandra Perticoni 2 CA youth from Assisi - Italy
collaborated with the volunteers from the parish under the guidance of Vincenzo Bellomo, a Fidei Donum lay person, who drew up the programme, coordinated and animated the children's activities

LINK ACRO >> and ENG translation
Write-up and Photogallery by Raluca >>

B. service in the parish
Domenico Montenurro - young student from Basilicata studying in Rome
pilgrim in the Holy Land as part of the IFCA pilgrimage and was also in Bethlehem last August


25th July - 20th August

Eli Hajjar and May Hanna Bathish are two young people from Jerusalem, from the parish of Latin rite. Responsible for the Sunday School for children on Sunday mornings. Eli was part of the IFCA pilgrimage in the HL. Together with other young people from Bethlehem, he has already been to Italy last year. They took part in a National Camp organized by the Youth Section and the Children's Section of the Italian Catholic Action and other diocesan activities.