A suggested daily prayer on the occasion of the Pilgrimage of the Holy Father Benedict XVI in the Holy Land
Youth Coordination IFCA

Rome, 3 May 2009

Dear Friends,

Following a suggestion, which the Youth Coordination Group made during the meeting held last March, we are inviting CA youth and all CA members in our member countries to join the Holy Father with their prayers as he himself invited all the Church to do. He said: "from the 8th to the15th May I shall be making a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, visiting the places sanctified by his earthly passage, in order to ask the Lord for the precious gift of unity and peace for the Middle East and for all humanity. From this moment I am counting on the spiritual support of all of you, so that God may accompany me and fill with his graces all those I meet on my way" (Angelus 8 March 2009).

Attached you will find an appeal to pray the VIA LUCIS during this visit. This is a prayer made up of eight stages which coincide with the length of the trip. It could also be used after the pilgrimage, during Easter time or during formative and spiritual sessions. It is meant for personal prayer as well as for communitarian prayers in groups, in associations or in parish communities. It could be taken a stage at a time per day or the whole of the VIA LUCIS in one meeting.

The programme of the pilgrimage

The VIA LUCIS is a prayer which, in different ways, helps us to think of the apparitions of the Risen Lord and to meditate and contemplate the central mystery of our faith: Jesus who was crucified, dead and buried and who rose from the dead!

We send our warm greetings, full of the joy which Easter brings with it.

Emilio Inzaurraga - Mons. Domenico Sigalini - Chiara Finocchietti
From the eighth day, on a journey with the Risen Christ