ACR a Betlemme
Inaugurazione di un cinema per ragazzi
5 gennaio 2012


A cinema for Bethlehem children 

"They were filled with great joy...and they returned to their country by a different  way"

The Magi, guided by a star, set out towards the grotto where the Child Jesus lay in a manger. Just like them, these last few days, we too went to Bethlehem to meet the Lord and we found him in the smiling faces, in the embraces of the young and old people where grace and light abound.

On Wednesday 4th January, a delegation from the Italian Catholic Action arrived in this city in Judaea for the inauguration of a cinema hall, which had to be held on Thursday 5th January. The  cinema was built through the contributions of a good number of children, members of the Italian Catholic Action Children's Sector. On the 2009 World Day of Peace, they took the initiative to commit themselves towards a "drive for peace". They wanted to convey this great gift from God towards all humanity through different ways.

During the monh of January, the Catholic Action Association includes an initiative for peace in its formative programme for all its Sectors. For the children, this project aimed at giving them a unique experience of sensibilizing them towards their brethren who need their help and support The initiative taken in 2009 has helped CA Children to reflect on peace, to appreciate it as a precious gift and to give back to the little ones in this land a place where they can grow, discuss and become men and women able to take courageous and responsible decisions. The restuctured cinema is meant to provide a beautiful experience where, as they grow, they can  discover themselves, talk and learn how to tell others that the Lord Jesus is the light of our lives and is the only light which can enlighten our way towards true happiness . 

This occasion expressed the solidarity and affection which bonds our Catholic Action family to the Holy Land, to the Custodian, Fr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa ofm, to the inhabitants and to all those who daily try to find a reason for their lives and hope and for their being credible witnesses of the Lord Jesus and his Word. This new project, made possible through the financial contribution of the Acr, assumes a new meaning and gives a new message if  we think of the many children, young people and their families who live there, of the fruitful relations which it can foster and of the affection which can develop among all those who frequent or visit the place as pilgrims or on exchanges.

Yesterday we returned home! Maybe not through another way but surely with great joy in our hearts for having met, in the eyes of all those we came across, the face of the Child Jesus who today has been born in our lives, who today is our Peace, who today invites us once again to aim high and never to forget our brethren.

Like the Magi from the East, let us all, Catholic Action children, young people and adults search for the face of God, to get to know Him better, to love Him here and now, in our history, in the many people to whom we want to announce Him and to be the star of God for each and every man and woman living in our times.

A.Teresa Borrelli

National Leader of the CA Children's Sector

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